People who have influenced/inspired me:

Mom - her strength, courage, kindness, and love. I strive to be an amazing woman like her one day.

Mr. Powers - 1st grade teacher, although paralyzed, he has been teaching for 15+ years and continues to persevere all to fulfill his passion for teaching and caring for students.

Uncle Mike - lost his battle to lung and bone cancer July 11, 2011 (I miss you so much, Uncle Mike)…. he showed me just how important family truly is, and to never give up on yourself. Always be true to who you are.  ”Secure in his own masculinity ~ Michael”

Things I am grateful for: family, love, education, independence, friends, life

Places I have been: Peoria, Arizona; Idaho; Washington, DC; Florida; Iowa; Missouri; Wisconsin; Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky; San Antonio, Texas

Places I want to go: Italy and Norway

Favorite books: Harry Potter, Come Back, Sarah Dessen books, Jodi Piccoult books, Twilight, Captivated, The Hunger Games 

If money were no object…There would be a cure for cancer by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best advice ever received:

"Sometimes you gotta take a chance to be with someone!" - Alyssa Engblom

Qualities I admire in others: compassion, empathy, honesty, motivation

Still to do with my life::

  1. Zipline through rainforest
  2. Fall in love
  3. Be a teacher
  4. Make a difference in a life
  5. Adopt a child or more
  6. Road trip across United States to visit all family around
  7. Graduate college
  8. Bring others to Christ
  9. Be in a wedding (✓ July 16, 2011: Read 1Corinthians in Amy’s wedding)
  10. Teach every grade 1st thru 6th at some point